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Mini Electronic Cigarette



What Is A Mini Electronic Cigarette?

The first thing people think when they hear about mini electronic cigarettes is: "How actually small these e-cigarettes?". Well, the term "mini" is not really adequate to describe the size of these products. In fact, it is a smaller version of earlier (and first) models of these new gadgets.

The actual size of a mini electronic cigarette is exactly the same as a size of standard cigarette. If you're used to the size of regular cigarettes, mini e-cigs would be easy to handle and more comfortable for you than earlier (first) versions of these products.

new Please see the review of electronic cigarette kits.


Mini Electronic Cigarettes

mini electronic cigaretteAs explained above, the name is left over from some past time, when an electronic cigarette was a bigger product, and the adjective "mini" is meant a smaller version. At that time, all the manufacturers had mini electronic cigarettes in their product range. Here you can see the comparative table of fifteen currently most respected producers and their brands - Electronic Cigarette Comaprison Chart.


mini e-cigarette

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