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Mini Electronic Cigarette Starter Kits

Mini Electronic Cigarette

The first thing people think when they hear about mini electronic cigarette is: "How small they actually are?". Well, the term "mini" is not really adequate to describe the size of these products. This adjective was left from the time when e-cigarettes were introduced to the market and were much bigger than today. Viewed from this angle, today's electronic cigarettes are really "mini".

The actual size of a standard electronic cigarette is approximately the same as a size of a regular tobacco cigarette. If you're used to the size of regular cigarettes, mini e-cigs would be easy to handle and comfortable for you.

As explained above, the name is left over from some past times, when an electronic cigarette was a bigger device, and the adjective "mini" was described a smaller version. At that time, all manufacturers had a mini version in their product line.

However, there is a wide range of types and sizes available today. The e-cig length depends mainly on battery life. The larger battery means a much longer life.


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